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Jewels from  Islamic Sites.  Access any of 114 Surahs in a  variety of multimedia modes. All Surahs are  indexed in rows and columns and linked to  recitations by  world renowned Qaris with Urdu and English translations, tafaseer by Ibne Kathee,  Maulana Maududi and others. iMARVELS.COM has created Udru eBOOKS of  translation of Seeratunabbi by Ibne Hashim and Maulana  Maudoodi's Tafheem-ul-Quran.  And more


MightyMinds iMARVELS

 A collection of Personalities and their works in a chronological  order ... right from prehistoric era: all links in a row open EBOOKS, pictures, music, or any other related matter from the websites.                             Scores of Wondrous EBOOKS


Maulana has to his credit scholarly works created in the domains of South Asian History, Geography, Culture, and religions. iMARVELS.COM has converted some his marvels into EBOOKS. Click on any of the Ebooks links below to read it all


The Kautilia Arthasastra

 (English translation)






Literature iMARVELS


Bedsides selected Masterpieces from the WEB as links. has created selected Ebooks from classics to current. these include:




South Asian Classical Music

A collection of Vocal and Instrumental Music; Classical Masterpieces of Masters from the India and Pakisan of the recorded times.

Arabian Classical Music

A collection of Vocal and Instrumental class of Music; Masterpieces from the Arab World